What is Grounding?

Grounding is an ancient practice that has many health benefits – it’s simple and costs nothing! According to Martin Zucker of the Earthing Institute, “Earthing simply means reconnecting the conductive human body to the Earth’s natural and subtle surface electric charge, an effortless lifestyle activity that systemically influences the basic bioelectrical function of the body.” Our ancestors evolved in connection with Earth’s energy by walking barefoot, sleeping in contact with the Earth, submerging into a body of water, and digging one’s fingers into the soil while gardening and harvesting. During these ancient times, humanity was scientifically unaware of the limitless and healing energy the Earth offered, it was simply just their way of surviving in those times. To understand the benefits of grounding, we must discuss who would benefit from this practice.


In present-day civilization, disease and illness has plagued our planet. One of the culprits of disease is inflammation – medical practitioners have concluded that inflammation triggers chronic pain and most major disorders, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, Alzheimer’s, and cancer.

If we picture ourselves as being on fire, grounding can alleviate the symptoms by acting as an extinguisher of the flames by transferring negatively charged electrons from the surface of the Earth into our body. Our body neutralizes the positively charged free radicals and destroys them, resulting in relief of chronic inflammation (https://grounded.com/what-is-earthing). Grounding itself cannot fix all the world’s illnesses and diseases.


We must proceed with our holistic journey by consuming a healthful diet, rich in nutrients and antioxidants, moving our bodies to maintain a healthy weight and preserve mobility, and managing considerable health concerns with a physician. It’s simply a tool that can be used alone or in conjunction with medicinal treatment to address physical and underlying symptoms and dysfunction occurring within the body.


In recent years, society has been practicing grounding to assist with the following ailments: anxiety, depression, cardiovascular disease, stress/lowering cortisol, chronic fatigue, PTSD/traumatic memories, improving wound healing, and much more! The phenomenon began in 1998 when retired telecommunications specialist, Clint Ober, was sitting on a park bench observing people walking by. He began thinking that the rubber soled shoes we wear prohibit our connection to the Earth. From his previous employment history, Ober understood it was necessary to ground cable systems to protect them from other electromagnetic environmental signals, which could interfere with cable transmission. This observation led to his hypothesis that connection with the Earth could provide health benefits to humans. During his research, he concluded that grounding used in telecommunications on wires could also lessen pain, reduce inflammation, and improve sleep when connected to the Earth. Ober began a scientific quest alongside research, biophysicists, and electrophysiologists, and developed Earthing systems that people could use indoors. Indoor earthing equipment involves connecting a metal rod to the ground outside and connecting the rod to your body through a wire.

A great advantage to Earthing is its convenience and affordability. Indoor Earthing equipment is relatively inexpensive and can be incorporated into the home and/or office setting while sitting, standing, or sleeping. Results of Earthing appear instantly for some, and others take longer. Consistency will prove the long-term health benefits. As global diseases and pain conditions increase, it’s increasingly necessary to promote effective prevention and lifestyle practices.